The Beatles - Watching Rainbows: chords

A                D              A               D
Standing in the garden waiting for the sun to shine
A           D                    A                D
Hand my umbrella, with this dirt I wish she was mine
A          D               A               D
Everybody doves, think a thing; it didn't come
A           D                A                  D
Instead of watching rainbows I'm gonna make me some

Instead of watchin' rainbows I'm gonna make me some
Standin' in the garden waitin' for the English
Sun to come and take me brown so I can be someone
Lookin' at the bench of next door neighbours

Cryin' to my mom, I'm tryin' to set sabors
Everybody's got to have something hard to grow
Well, instead of watching rainbows under the sun
You gotta get out son, and make you one
You gotta get out son, and make you run
Because you're not gonna make it
if you cry cry, though

  A      D E
Shoot big!
Shoot big!

    A                      D
Whatever you do you gotta kill somebody
    A                  D
to get what you wanna get
            A       D E
You gotta shoot big!
You gotta shoot big!
Until you shoot big!
I can't stand



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