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Can't you imagine your life without good music? Do you like to take the guitar and perform your favorite rock song? We are ready to help you by suggesting a wide variety of guitar chords for songs. With this site everyone will be able to play their favorite compositions of the groups "The Beatles", "Pink Floyd", "Nirvana" and many others.

The site was created to meet all the needs of our users when playing the guitar. Here you can find the text of your favorite song with chords, listen to the song, see the necessary fingerings. It is also noteworthy that guitar chords can be easily transported to any key right on the song page. This advantage can be a real revelation for both newcomers to the world of music and venerable professionals who want to choose the most suitable key.

Each song presented in the section is not only a brilliant musical masterpiece that will conquer everyone with its beauty of sound, but also pleasant memories of the past, a closer and deeper acquaintance with the culture of rock, as well as a wonderful opportunity to touch eternity.

Therefore, the lyrics with chords presented in the section will help everyone to play with their own hands what the best rock musicians have played. And by rearranging the fingers on the frets, sensually touching the strings, you can hear how the soul of the guitar trembles, how everyone around enters a certain state of trance, enjoying amazing motives and penetrating into the very essence of being.

And if you are still thinking about which song to choose, if you still doubt your abilities as a musician, if you still think that only the elite can play the guitar and understand the secret ciphers of chords, you should not waste your time, and remove all doubts. After taking the guitar in hand and putting your fingers on the frets, you can feel with all your gut that the music begins with the first chord.

The chords of songs for guitar presented on the site allow everyone to learn how to perform any compositions of their favorite rock performers.