Guitar Tuner

Optimized for PC and Mobile

Hey! Here is our new online guitar tuner. Its accuracy is improved compared to other tuners. Unlike others, it works on mobile devices as well.

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Standard tuning for six-string guitar

  • 1 string - E4 (the thinnest)
  • 2 string - B3
  • 3 string - G3
  • 4 string - D3
  • 5 string - A2
  • 6 string - E2

About the tuner

A guitar tuner is a program for determining the frequency of a sound, in our case, the frequency of a guitar string. You play - the tuner shows the note and the amount of deviation from it. If the arrow deviates to the left of the desired note, you should tighten the string, if to the right, loosen it. To access the sound of your guitar click on the "Turn on the Tuner" button and allow the tuner to use the microphone.

How not to break a string

If you accidentally pull the string an octave higher, it could break. With our tuner the risk of string breaking is minimal: our tuner also shows the octave number, which helps beginners not to "miss" when tuning the guitar.


The tuner's sensitivity range is many times greater than the sound range of a guitar, so using the tuner you can tune and check the accuracy of the sound of various instruments and even a voice! Try to sing a note - the tuner will show it :)

Noise canceling and microphone

It should be noted the tuner's noise reduction algorithm. Note that the arrow does not bounce back and forth in a noisy room or when you start talking. However, if you play a note, the arrow will immediately respond to it. This allows for more precise tuning in noisy environments. However, remember that the quieter the background and the closer you are to the microphone, the easier it will be for the program to identify the note.