Radiohead guitar chords and lyrics

Radiohead chords

British musical band Radiohead is satisfying its fans with its unique sounding of their chords and creatively different genre of music for more than 30 years. Traditionally their style is determined as alternative rock, however during the different stages of band activity it varied from Brit pop to psychedelic electromusic. It is amazing that the hard core had not undergone changes.

Along with all rock bands, Radiohead is the only one of its kind. Known as reinventors, nonconformists droll fellows they always stand alone and do what they want. They have never looked up to anyone and ignored generally accepted rules. Their music has won the critics’ recognition and influenced many other musical bands, while the true fans from all over the world idolize the band’s lead singer Thom Yorke and his small oddities.

All the albums that used to be released in previous years were granted the status of gold or platinum ones in the USA and Great Britain, while starting from the third disk record OK Computer and In Rainbows, they were nominated the Grammy Award for the Best Alternative Album. Radiohead became the winner in the nomination three times.

The icons of British and the world’s art rock were awarded their status not by accident. First of all, Radiohead is a pioneer band who created such a phenomenon as “surprise album” that set off the spontaneous releases. Secondly, the band is the first one to combine rock and electronic music and enlarge the borders of knowledge about pop music among English listeners. The band members made reference to outstanding singers like Charles Mingus, John Coltrane and others. These people, despite the critics of those who favour Black Music combined jazz, ambient, techno, punk, krautrock and other genres.

Now the band itself is the spectacular example of a group for pop singers to seek inspiration from. But the irony is in the fact that their music is not suited for everyone. It does not bear the passive awaiting. That is why the band has not gained its popularity on radio. Their best songs are not present in the list of airtime. The members of the band work with silence as well as with lyrics immersing the listener into this state alone with their thoughts.

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