3 Doors Down - Life Of My Own: chords

Em      C      D
Living risky, never scared
Em       C     D
Wander closer to the edge
Em       C       D
Nothing valued think no fear
Em      C          D
Always wondering why you're here
Em        G       D
All your purposes are gone
Em         C         D
Nothing's right and nothing's wrong
Em       G         D
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Em       C       D
Feel no sorrow, feel no pain

Em                   D
 Kiss me while I'm still alive
Em                D
 Kill me while I kiss the sky
Em              D
 Let me die on my own terms
Em                D
 Let me live and let me learn
Em                D
 Now I'll follow my own way
   Em                 D
And I'll live on to another damn day
Em                D
 Freedom carries sacrifice
Em                   C
 Remember when this was my life

Looking forward, not behind
Everybody's got to cross that line
Free me now to give me a place
Keep me caged and free the beast
Falling faster, time goes by
Fear is not seen through these eyes
What there was will never be
Now I'm blind and cannot see

Chorus - x2



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