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3 Doors Down chords

In the 1990s there were still many young people who desired to develop themselves in the field of music composing and singing. 3 Doors Down was one of the collectives.

The founders of the band were three friends from Massachusetts – they were Brad Arnold, Todd Harrell and Matt Roberts. Firstly, they performed only in their home state, but then started to tour along the neighboring areas. One day they saw the shop sign without some letters (they were broken). And it was saying – Doors Down. As there were three participants in the band, the just decided to add the appropriate number to the title.

The turning point in 3 Doors Down's career was their track called "Kryptonite". It was very popular in the local broadcasting, so the head of the local radio sent the song to his head. 3 Doors Down were invited to New Your and signed a contract with Republic Records.

The first published album was a real fortune – it has sold in three million copies and became one of the eleven bestsellers of the year. The third plate occurred to be platinum.

3 Doors Down were interested not only in music. They wanted to make the world better ant that's why they organized "The better Life Foundation". That's the foundation, which helps many charity organizations.

3 Doors Down is the band that really deserves your emulating, and if you'd like to start from singing their songs, that's not a problem – on our website you'll find everything you need – both chords and lyrics. Use them for your own training and enjoy your time!

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