Arctic Monkeys guitar chords and lyrics

Arctic Monkeys chords

Do you think that the time of outstanding musical rock bands passed in the 1960-1980s? You are mistaken, because some beloved ones started their career much more later. The same happened with Arctic Monkeys.

Arctic Monkeys appeared in 2002 in High Green (Sheffield). Today the members of the collective are Alex Turner (he's a vocalist), Jamie Cook (the guitarist), Matt Helders (the drummer) and Nicholas O'Malley (the bass-guitarist). From 2002 to 2006 Andy Nicholson was the bass-guitarist in the band, but decided to leave the collective.

Arctic Monkeys began their musical way quite fast – their debuted plate has become the fastest sold album in Great Britain. The quartet has won some rewards – seven Brit Awards and a Mercury Prize. To add to this, Arctic Monkeys were nominated for Grammy two times, but were left without a prize.

There is something even more peculiar in Arctic Monkeys. They didn't want to work with major musical labels, because their fans were spreading the songs with the help of the internet. In such a way the band proved that in the XXI century it's not obligatory to have some support from the radio and television.

One of the reasons why Arctic Monkeys has become really popular, was their style in music. It was constantly changing – in the beginning they played garage-rock and postpunk-revivle, but then it became indie-rock. Some specialists even say they played psychedelic rock. The themes of the songs were quite controversial – Arctic Monkeys told about some social aspects and their own feelings.

Do you feel that Arctic Monkeys are close to you in their feelings and interests? Maybe, you'd like to study their songs more thoroughly. We'll provide you with the necessary chords and lyrics.

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