Alec Benjamin chords and lyrics

Alec Benjamin chords

Do you know who is a self-made musician? It means that the person reached his high position in music thanks to only his confidence and hard work. Today it happens not so often – nowadays stars have something or someone behind their backs to support financially. Yes, typically we hear that the stars we know were developing their careers themselves, but it usually turns out that they really had some help from the mighty people.

Do you know any people who were really self-made? We are going to tell you about one of them – about Alec Benjamin.

At school Alec was just a normal boy and didn’t have great success in studying or didn’t have many friends. His musical idols were Eminem and popular guitar players – Paul Simon, Chris Martin or John Mayer.

When Alec was 16, he bought his first guitar. He didn’t intend to start playing courses or something like that – he just decided to study himself with YouTube lessons. Two years later Alec Benjamin was noticed by White Rope label, but after making a debut mixtape the contract was terminated. Though Alec didn’t lose any of his opportunities and even organized his own concerts himself – despite they were just performances in the parking near the malls.

People respect Alec’s oeuvre for his own simplicity and sincerity. Both the chords and lyrics of his songs are naturally emotional and touch fans deeply. That’s the reason why some people are so deeply moved, that even would like to play and sing his songs themselves. And we may help! Take our chords and lyrics and be closer to your idol!

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