Alec Benjamin - Together We'll Fall: chords

             F#m                 D
I know it's cold, but it's not freezing
                   A                      E
And I know you're tired, but you're not sleeping
                 F#m                        D
Don't close your eyes 'cause your heart's still beating
     A                    E                   F#m
And down, together we'll fall, together we'll fall
D               A E
Together we'll fall

I know it's dark, but you can see me
The air is thin, but you're still breathing
Not in your lungs, but your mind's believing
And down, together we'll fall, together we'll fall

E             D                   E
You've been standing on your own for far too long
F#m                    A
For too long, for too long, for too long
       D                 E
And you never found the faith to just move on
F#m                 A
To move on, to move on, to move on
   D                  E              F#m
And deep within your heart I see the light
Shouting to break through
D                  E                 F#m A
And everything I know tells me it's right
    D       E
And I will fall with you

And from the night, there comes a new dawn
And from the fire, bring to life
Rise from the ashes, there's no surrender
And down, together we'll fall
Together we'll fall, together we'll fall

Chorus - x2



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