The Velvet Underground guitar chords and lyrics

The Velvet Underground chords

Do you prefer alternative or experimental rock? Then you apparently know, that both these genres originated in the 1960s. Of course, they had some originators, and one of them, common for both the genres, was the musical band, named The Velvet Underground.

That's the American rock band, founded in 1964. If you don't remember their name, but aware of The Velvets or V. U., You should know, that all these names are theirs.

The main participants of the band were Lewis Allan Reed and John Cale, who left the others after some time, but still were not bad in their solo career.

The Velvet Underground is a case, when there were not so many copies of their albums, but still they had a great impact on the whole rock music. There is even a phrase, telling that there aren't many people, who bought the Velvet Underground's plates at the time, when they were composing them, but every of them became the founder of his own band. Critics say, the Velvets experimented in avant-garde style, mixing complex music with realistic and sometimes even harsh lyrics. It's reflected in changing style of their plates - the first one was slow and measured, the second - noisy, and the third one - soft and melodic.

Still there is something interesting and unusual in The Velvet's music, so many people want not only to listen to their hits, but to try playing it themselves. Would you like to? Take the guitar chords and lyrics and start! Using them, you can practice your skills, have something to do with your friends and just have some fun!