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The Score chords

For advertising companies different brands usually choose some famous music. It's simple – if you see some advert with the song you know, you'll pay more attention. Moreover, in the future, having faced this very track, you'll remember the advert and, most likely, the product it popularizes.

But the supermarkets Asda (Walmart company) decided to ruin this stereotype. For their adverts they picked the song of an unknown band, and this was "Oh My Love" by The Score. It helped not only Asda to develop, but it also supported the band in their oeuvre. By July 2015 it reached the 43rd position in the UK Singles Chart. As for "Oh My Love", it also appeared in "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip".

Thanks for all that The Score signed the contract with Republic Records Label and released the first plate in October.

In 2016 there was one more album, and the track "Unstoppable" from this plate sounded in "Power Rangers" and in the Jeep Grand Cherokee advertising company.

Till the end of 2019 The Score released several more albums, and some songs from them also became OST for famous films. But it doesn't mean we shouldn't wait for new hits and advantages of the band. While they are working on something new and interesting, all we can do is to explore deeper and deeper The Score's oeuvre. By the way, the chords and lyrics for that you'll find on our website! We collect the texts and musical notes for you to be able to use them. Maybe playing The Score's chords and singing their texts is your way of practicing or just having fun – it doesn't matter! Just do whatever you like.

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