The Police chords and lyrics

The Police chords

Apparently everybody knows, who is Sting - one of the most popular singers, whose very first solo album became platinum. That's not surprising, because he already had a great background in The Police.

The Police was founded in 1977. There were three participants. Their fame came in the end of the 1970s, and the group was claimed the first band of new wave, mixing jazz, punk and raggy, who got famous.

In 1983 the plate "Synchronicity" was the main album both in Britain and the USA. Eight million copies were sold in the USA, not speaking about other countries!

In 1984 The Police stopped oeuvre, though it wasn't claimed officially. They gathered again in 2007, and the occasion was the anniversary of their hit "Roxanne". It was composed 30 years ago, but this tour became the reason, why in the 2008 the group turned out to be the most highly-paid band.

The band has several awards - in 2003 they entered the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, four their plates are among 500 greatest albums, and they have six Grammys and two BRIT Awards.

Unfortunately, in 2008 there was a great fire in the Universal Studios Hollywood, and some of the group's recordings crushed.

Nevertheless, The Police was a great band, and their fans are not only older generation. Many young people still enjoy their hits and even want something more. If you also would like to feel closer to your idol, here, on our website, you may find lyrics to read and the guitar chords to play. Use them and practice your skills or just enjoy your time.

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