The Chainsmokers chords and lyrics

The Chainsmokers chords

Often musical bands start their career from playing in clubs, restaurants or at local stages and events. They have to work all day long just to have money for living. That's sad, but mostly they stay where they are – at nearby platforms – for the whole collective's life. Very rarely the groups are lucky enough to be noticed by someone famous and mighty. But you know, miracles happen sometimes!

Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler were these very enthusiastic people who played music at local stages five days a week. Their band was called "The Chainsmokers". But in 2012 Bixler decided to leave the band, so their manager had to look for a change. This was how Andrew Taggart joined the duet. For that he even moved to New York!

In the beginning The Chainsmokers were in the habit of doing remixes of popular songs.

In December 2013 the band composed a new hit "#Selfie". It became a magic wand for The Chainsmokers, as it was successful both locally and in the world. The first plate was born in 2015, and among all the tracks there was "Roses". It appeared in the Top 10 of Billboard Hot 100.

In 2016 The Chainsmokers took the eighteenth line in Top-100 DJs. That was only the beginning – in the future there were cooperations with stars, platinum plates, American Music and other Awards and even Grammy!

To understand The Chainsmokers' music better just look at their chords and lyrics. You can feel how deep and touching, how special and peculiar they are! We have everything here, on our website – both chords and lyrics.

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