The Cardigans chords and lyrics

The Cardigans chords

The 1990s became the period of developing music. At that time all over the world something was happening, including Sweden. For example, there in 1992 The Cardigans were founded.

At first they were interested only in indie-rock. Then they played pop-music of the 1960s, but that wasn't the end. The Cardigans were trying to find their own way in music, and in their later years the group composed a high-quality rock, for which they are loved.

If most the bands become well-known from a certain moment of their career, the same can't be said about The Cardigans. They were moving to the popularity gradually from the debut album in 1994 to 2003.

Three years later The Cardigans broke up and decided to start their personal careers. Though in 2012 they gathered again for touring.

The Cardigans were one of the rare bands which had the chance to appear on TV - they starred in the series called Beverly Hills, 90210, and they played exactly themselves, performing the hits "Been It" and "Lovefool". The Cardigans were even invited to star in "Tomorrow never dies" - a new episode of the series about the legendary James Bond. Though, The Cardigans rejected the invitation due to not having enough time.

Now The Cardigans claim that there will hardly be any new hits, but the band is going to have tours until it'll be interesting for them.

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