Tears for Fears chords and lyrics

Tears for Fears chords

Usually a lot of time passes till the moment when a new band gets popularity. Sometimes it takes years, but sometimes - even decades. We'll tell you that there are some exceptions. Rarely, but sometimes it happens that the first oeuvre of the singer becomes legendary. This happened, for example, to Tears for Fears.

Tears for Fears was made up in 1981 by Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith in Britain. It was not the first experience for them, as before Tears for Fears they both worked in the band called Graduate. They even released an album, which was quite appreciated, but still wanted to work only with each other.

Tears for Fears has a different philosophy, unlike the other bands. They didn't take any other people in the membership, but hired them to compose the pieces of new music.

The very first plate of a group was a great achievement. It was called "The Hurting" - it appeared on the first line in the UK Albums Chart and turned to be platinum. The next plate doubled this success and was the first in Billboard 200. Since that the popularity of Tears for Fears started to fade gradually.

Tears for Fears' fans are able to identify all their masterpieces everywhere they can hear them. But even if you believe you don't know any of their oeuvre, remember the hit "Mad World". We are sure you've heard it. And if you'd like not only to listen to, but also to play the music, we can offer you chords and lyrics to have a nice time. Use them for preparing at the start of your own future career or just to fool around with your friends.

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