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Take That chords

We are sure all you know Robbie Williams - today he is a great pop singer with plenty of fans all over the world. But how did it start? From Take That.

Take That was founded in 1990, and that was the time when there were very many boy bands. Take That was not just like the others - they wrote the lyrics themselves. And that was not the only difference!

The band's oeuvre is something light, dynamic and positive - and that's why they got so popular. And the texts of chants are really close to the hearts of the audience. Moreover, the rhythm is quite appealing.

Take That had quite fast start - it took only three years to become the head of the British Billboard chart! In 1995 their hit "Back for good" appeared on the fifth line of Billboard Top 100. In 1995 Robbie Williams left the friends and started his own career, and the year later Take That claimed that they terminate their career. The public didn't appreciate this idea, and that's why they've made a couple more hits and had tours.

Do you think, that's all? No, in 2010 the collective and Robbie Williams joined together again! It resulted in several great albums. They took part in the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2012 and released albums in 2014 and 2017.

Today Take That still exists as a collective.

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Take That Official Site: takethat.com