Snow Patrol guitar chords and lyrics

Snow Patrol chords

How many bands from 1990s do you know who are still continuing their history? It seems all of them finished professional career, but you are mistaken. Mostly they stopped the activity, but we know several bands who are not in the top of popular performers, but release new singles and even albums. For instance, you may remember the musical group called Snow Patrol.

Snow Patrol was the musical band who started career in 1994 in Scotland. The band consisted of three participants and called Shrug. The first performances were held in the students' parties. Afterwards they changed the name several times because of the quarrels with other teams. The final decision was taken in 1997.

The first two albums of Snow Patrol were unsuccessful. It didn't stop the band as they were devoted to their hobby. Snow Patrol's fame started to grow in 2003, when the hit called "Run" appeared. It was in top-10 of British charts.

Two years later it was time for Snow Patrol's greatest hit called "Chasing cars". It was welcomed by the audience - by this time it's the most important song of musical group. It was even nominated for Grammy, but didn't win. You've also heard it as it was the main theme of a well-known series "Grey's Anatomy". This single became the bestseller in Great Britain. "Chasing Cars" was considered as the most often performed song in the 21st century. It resonates in films and series, and it may be heard in the wedding parties.

Nowadays Snow Patrol continues working. It's not surprising as their music has a unique sounding, and the lyrics is close to the heart of fans and ordinary people. And for the guitar players it's interesting to try sounding similar to Snow Patrol. If you are keen on music of this kind, try to play their chords and sing the words!

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