Simple Plan chords and lyrics

Simple Plan chords

Rock band Simple Plan was founded in late 1999, but its history began much earlier. Back in 1993, high school friends Pierre Bouvier and Chuck Comeau started a garage band. At that time, they were only 13 years old. After 2 years, they found out that a band with that name already exists and renamed themselves to Roach, and then to Reset. Despite their young age, they toured Canada, but soon Chuck decided to study.

After 2 years, Comeau dropped out of college and returned to music. Together with old school friends, he formed a group, but they lacked the main vocalist. Pierre Bouvier, who was in a creative crisis, came to the rescue. He accepted the offer and became a member of the future Simple Plan. The name of the team was chosen in honor of the film of the same name, released in 1998.

The musicians began to record singles and send them to labels. Chuck contacted 55 record labels across the United States, posing as the manager of Simple Plan, and telling companies directors about the band's incredible prospects. Despite all the efforts, the group managed to acquire a label only in 2001. After that, the musicians started recording studio albums.

The band began touring, attracting the attention of their first fans. The first record was not promoted by radio stations, so Simple Plan had to play more than 300 concerts in support of it. This gave a result and the musicians began to be invited to the air of MTV and various evening shows. The songs hit the charts, and the band performed as the opening act for Avril Lavigne and Green Day.

In total, Simple Plan have released 6 albums. Over time, the style of musicians has changed from punk rock to alternative. Despite the fact that the group continues to perform, the pinnacle of its success remained in the mid-2000s. In addition, Simple Plan has its own charitable foundation aimed at solving the problems of teenagers. If you want to join the art of Simple Plan, then pay attention to the chords and lyrics posted on our website.

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