Rush guitar chords and lyrics

Rush chords

All the musical bands were developing during their existence — some more and some less. But one of the most changing groups were Rush. They were founded in 1968 and broke up not so much time ago — in 2018.

Their first album called "Rush" was released in 1974 and had a great success. The reason for it was the masterful using of instruments and complicated pieces of oeuvre. To add to this the theme of many tracks was fantasy and science fiction. For those times it was quite unusual, so the public liked the new. But not only this — Rush sang about social, humanistic and ecological aspects of life.

As for the style of music, it is generally accepted that it was progressive rock. Though it was constantly changing. In the beginning of their career it was heavy metal, and near the end they played contemporary rock.

Every concert was a real show for the fans. Rush always used sound and light effects and also laser and video effects. Neil Peart (the drummer of the band) had a guitar set that was spinning and lifting above the stage. And Geddy Lee used to play preprogrammed synthesizers. He was able to use bass-guitar at the same time with playing keyboard.

Professionalism of the members of the group is generally appreciated. They are considered to be the best in their professional abilities, and the band was also commercial success. Rush have 24 gold albums, 14 platinum records, and 3 of them were multiplatinum. In 1994 Rush were included in the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

If you want to play Rush's tracks, here you may find chores and lyrics. Learn them by heart and start training! Maybe that'll be the start of your personal music career? Who knows!

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