R.E.M. guitar chords and lyrics

R.E.M. chords

Alternative rock is a quite new genre that was formed from rock but has some traits of pop music also. The great influence on it was made by the collective called R.E.M. R.E.M. was founded in 1980, and they quickly drew attention of the public due to their melodic guitar usage. The vocal was also unusual. The first works were met by the public quite restrained. Until 1987 R.E.M. was known as the underground band especially popular on students' radio.

Everything changed in 1987, when the band released their single called "The One I Love". That became the key to its popularity. The next album "Green" was also successful – 4 million copies were sold, and R.E.M. started to perform on serious stages and go on tours.

Some people may ask: "What does the abbreviation of R.E.M. mean?" It can be spelled out as "rapid eye movement" and defines REM sleep. It coincides in some way with the genre of the band – they played indie-rock, post-punk and folk. As for the themes in the lyrics – they appeal to politics and some social issues. By the way, these points were reflected not only in the songs – the members of the band drew attention to the feminine communities, environmental protection and other human rights organizations. That's one of the few musical bands that has done so much in the social field.

R.E.M. deserves respect for both their social and musical activity, and we know that some of you would like to get to know their oeuvre better. That's why we offer chords and lyrics for their songs on our website.

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