Placebo chords and lyrics

Placebo chords

Placebo is a musical band that was famous in the 2000-2010s, and the younger generation remembers how successful they were – you might gear them just everywhere – from every player. But the route to the fame wasn't so easy...

The band was formed in the UK in 1994, and it's surprising, but only one person of the band (of its famous representatives) was really from the UK – it was Steve Hewitt. He was keen on drumming and started to play in Placebo almost accidentally, because he used to teach drumming.

The first plate of the band was released in 1996, after they had started to work with label called "Hut Records". At that time The New York Times considered Placebo to represent the first wave of postpunk. The legendary paper compared them with U2, The Cure and New Order.

Before the 2000s Placebo has been working with Steve Osbourne (who worked with Happy Mondays and U2) and with David Bowie. And after that there was a great popularity – maybe, you even remember their album called "Meds".

Today Placebo continue working together on something new. And while they are trying to effect their fans doing future hits, we can only enjoy what we have. Would you like not only to listen to their songs, but also to try playing them? As you wish! In our collection there are chords and lyrics that will help you. Use them in your own training and do your best to improve your skills of singing and playing the guitar. The better you are in this, the more chance you have to turn your hobby into a real profession. Who knows, maybe, you'll be a real star!

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