Passenger chords and lyrics

Passenger chords

Do you appreciate the hasteless, tuneful and harmonious music? Then you should know about Passenger. Some time ago it was the musical band – Michael David Rosenberg started to write songs in his teen years, but then he met Andrew Phillips, and they decided to found the band in 2003. Four years later they released the first album (all the songs except the only one were written by David), but that wasn’t big-time. In 2007 the band broke up.

It might be the reason for forgetting about Passenger forever, but Rosenberg didn’t want to give up. He dreamt about music career and continued to work with it. He decided to use the title of the group – Passenger – like his own pseudonym.

First of all, David needed some money for his creative work. He started to travel across the world to support popular bands and singers. People enjoyed his shows – he earned not only money, but also fame. Now he had time to do something special for his own fans. He released some albums and then in 2012 there was a success – his song called «Let Her Go» became the best folk-song. That’s the most valuable award he had been given.

In Britain Passenger is more well-known, than in other countries. And it’s so symbolic – both the music and the lyrics perfectly reflect the attitude of British people – they are quite calm, peaceful and observing. If you also enjoy Passenger’s creativity and the result of it, you may try to play and sing his tracks. You’ll find the texts and the chords on our website – you’ll just need to take the guitar and try to make some sound!

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