OneRepublic chords and lyrics

OneRepublic chords

Usually musical bands start their artistic way and get real success after many years of unknown. Most of them don't get popularity at all - that's sad, but normal. Of course, there are some outstanding examples of fortune, when the first plate becomes golden or even platinum. But that's one in a million. And OneRepublic was one of them.

OneRepublic was founded in 2002, when it seemed that everything in music has already appeared, and it was hard to invent something new. There were two friends in Colorado Springs who decided to do something unusual. That thought was not surprising, because Ryan Tedder was working with famous Timbaland, writing for him some texts.

The first OneRepublic's album took more than two years to appear, and two months before its release Columbia Records decided to terminate the contract. That was a real shock, but Timbaland did OneRepublic a favor and Mosley Music group took the band under its wing. OneRepublic became the first pop band in Mosley Music group.

In 2007 Timbaland's plate was released, and it contained the remix of OneRepublic's track called "Apologize". That was three times platinum, and that's how OneRepublic got their popularity. Their debut album emerged half a year later and soon got golden. Today OneRepublic continue their work. Their last plate appeared in 2021. Though now the band isn't so popular, their fans are waiting for something new hoping for it to happen soon.

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