Novo Amor chords and lyrics

Novo Amor chords

Novo Amor is a British singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Wales. His real name is Ali John Meredith-Lacey. He has gained widespread recognition for his unique blend of folk and ambient music, which blends traditional folk instrumentation with modern production techniques. His music is emotionally charged and often deals with themes of love, loss and longing.

Novo Amor's debut album, Heiress, was released in October 2018 to critical acclaim. The album draws influence from a wide range of sources, including classical, jazz, indie rock and electronic music. The album has been praised for its intimate and vulnerable lyrics, as well as its lush soundscapes.

Along with his solo projects, Novo Amor has worked with musicians like Sivu, Ed Tullett, and Ed Harcourt. Several television programs, including Grey's Anatomy and The Originals, have used his music.

Novo Amor frequently performs live with a large band or by himself using looped instruments, and his performances are equally stunning. He has performed at events including Glastonbury and Latitude on his extensive tour of Europe and the US. He has also given performances at renowned locations like London's Royal Albert Hall.

In 2020 Novo Amor released an EP entitled "Birthplace", which received much critical acclaim for its unique soundscapes and melancholic atmosphere. Novo Amor continues to be one of the most exciting artists in his genre, releasing beautiful music that resonates with listeners around the world.

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