Maroon 5 chords and lyrics

Maroon 5 chords

The band Maroon 5 was founded in Los Angeles, where the future musicians studied together at school. It was originally called Kara’s Flowers after a girl whom all members had fall in love for. The first two albums of the group were greatly received by the public, but did not have commercial success. Because of this, the label terminated the contract with the band, and the musicians had to go to college. The return took place only in 2001. At the same time, the group became known by its current name.

Maroon 5 signed a contract with a recording studio and released their debut album. The lead single peaked at #6 on the Billboard 200 chart, giving the band great publicity. Thanks to this success, the group received a Grammy for Best New Artist. After 3 years, the second album was released. This time, the success was even more deafening: the song “Makes Me Wonder” took first place on the Billboard Hot 100. The album also took first places in the national charts.

Further work of the group received mixed reviews from critics due to the departure towards popular music. Maroon 5 tried to delight the masses by losing its identity. Despite this, the albums continued to reach the top of the charts. In total, the group has sold 75 million albums, making it one of the top-selling artists in the world. The group has released 6 studio albums so far and has gone through the changing of several members. At the same time, it remains one of the most popular representatives of the music of the 2000s. If you also want to join the art of Maroon 5, then the chords and lyrics published on our site will help you.

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