Lana Del Rey chords and lyrics

Lana Del Rey chords

The talented person is talented in everything – and we know so many examples of this statement! One of them is Lana Del Rey. Her real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, and she started her musical career in 2005. Though, only in 2011 she became a well-known person – with the release of her first album called "Video Games".

In her childhood Lana Del Rey's ambition was to become a poet. She was singing in the church choir, but when she was 15, Lana had a problem with alcohol addiction. Lana's uncle was the person who really contributed to her professional career. He taught her to play the guitar, and then she understood that could be able to play countless quantities of songs. She started to play in local clubs. Now we know Lana as one of the most popular pop stars of the 21st century. She was six times nominated for a Grammy and had 27 awards of different levels.

Lana Del Rey is not just a singer – she was also successful in the field of acting. She was starring from 2010 and in many movies she was playing herself. Sometimes she was also responsible for script-writing and sound-making.

Lana's songs attracted the attention of the audience ten years ago, but now we still are fond of her music. On our website you can find the lyrics of her tracks – you may read it precisely and understand it's inner sense better. Would you like to try to play and sing the tracks yourself? We also have the chords so that you can play the guitar and improve your skills. Use them and have the time of your life!

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