Kelly Clarkson chords and lyrics

Kelly Clarkson chords

In the beginning of the XXI century there were many shows which uncovered people's inner talents. One of them was American Idol. This show gave birth to many stars we now know – Kelly Clarkson among them.

In her childhood Kelly had to move very often – her parents got divorced, and she stayed with mother. When she was in the Middle School, Kelly wished to become a marine biologist. But one of the teachers heard her singing by chance and asked her to try doing it for the school choir. Having entered High School, Kelly started to play in musicals.

After graduating in 2000 Clarkson had several jobs to get enough money to spread her demo tape. After that she moved to Hollywood. Here she started playing in "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" and some other projects. But her flat in Hollywood was burnt, so she had to go back to Texas.

In 2002 Kelly had a chance to take part in American Idol, where she won. The winner's song, she had performed, entered her first album "Thankful". And it was in the very top of the USA Billboard Hot 100. A year later Kelly had to participate in World Idol, where all the winners of the first seasons needed to be. But soon after the show she left, as she was not so well.

Of course, Kelly might have become one of the forgotten stars with the only one famous song, as it usually happens. But she met two producers who saw something special in her. So in 2003 Kelly released the debut album, which became twice platinum. By the way, the track "Miss Independent" got a Grammy in 2004. She got two more Grammys in 2006 and 2013 for "The best vocal pop album".

Who knows, maybe, that's only the beginning? And now we have nothing more but to adore Kelly and her hits. Wanna try playing them yourself? Here we have some chords and lyrics for you to do it.

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