Hurts guitar chords and lyrics

Hurts chords

How many people you imagine, thinking about the musical band? At least four, five or six. But can you name the collective, consisting of only two people, that is quite successful? Of course, it's Hurts.

Hurts is a British band that emerged in 2009, and there were only two participants – Theo Hutchkraft and Adam Anderson. They met each other by chance outside the indie club in the early morning, when their friends were fighting. For the first year after that they were communicating only with the help of normal letters. Then they started to work together but soon decided to terminate it. Suddenly Hurts learnt about italo-disco, and it convinced them, that they were doing everything right.

Hurts' song called "Wonderful life" has already existed when they decided to make a video for it. It had an outstanding success and became one of 200 most frequently watched videos on YouTube. That was the start of their career, as now they had an ability to use London recording studios.

Hurts say that they play emotional electronic music, and that's why they are called in such a way. The case is that the word "hurts" means strong emotions.

By today the collective has some important awards – ECHO, MTV Germany Movie Shockwaves NME and some other awards. They were even nominated for MTV Europe Music Award in 2010.

Are you a big fan of Hurts? If yes, you'd definitely like to play their tracks yourself and sing the texts. Fortunately, here on our website you'll find everything needed – the chords and lyrics. Use them in your own artistry and develop your musical skills!

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