Camila Cabello guitar chords and lyrics

Camila Cabello chords

In former times singers had to make many efforts just to get noticed. To become really famous they did even more! And what do we have today? In every country there are some TV shows and programs, which indicate really talented people.

For example, The X Factor – do you know how many musical stars it uncovered? One of them was Camila Cabello. When she was 15, she took part in The X Factor, but failed. But she didn't give up and cooperated with three other girls. Together they took the third place, and now the collective is well-known under the name "Fifth Harmony".

Together the girls worked until 2016 – their last joint performance was played on the 31 of December. After that Camila officially left the band and started her own solo career in music. But the beginning of it happened even earlier – in 2015 she worked together with Shawn Mendes, and their song had been in the Top 20 the USA and Canadian charts, then it became platinum.

In 2016 Camila released her own single that entered Top 5 in Billboard Top 100. That was just the beginning – in the future there were many successful singles that were composed by herself alone or in cooperation with other popular people. Moreover, in 2021 she starred in the musical film called "Cinderella".

Today Camila Cabello is a natural idol among youth. And that is the reason why it may be interesting to try singing and playing her songs the guitar. Would you like to try? Good news! Here on our website we have both chords and lyrics for you. You just need to take the guitar and start practicing.

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