Bebe Rexha guitar chords and lyrics

Bebe Rexha chords

Usually, when we hear some American song, we imagine that the author is also an American, but it is not always so. Sometimes we even can’t believe that the person who we always thought to be American turns out to be from Italy or Norway, for instance!

The same we may tell you about Bebe Rexha! Yes, she is so famous now, but did you know that her parents are from Macedonia? Yes, that’s truth, though Bebe herself was born in the USA.

Bebe Rexha started to be interested in music when she was only 4! She took part in some Tottenville High School musicals and, when she was a teen, Bebe was confirmed as «The best composer» in the National Academy. Here Bebe met great musical producers.

In 2010 Bebe joined the band Black Cards, which was made up by Pete Wentz. He wanted to do something extraordinary, and Bebe fit it perfectly. But that was not for so long, as two years later she left the group for a personal career.

In its beginning Rexha composed some hits for legendary performers – for Selena Gomez, Eminem and Rihanna. By the way, the single "Monster" topped the Billboard Hot 100.

In 2018 Bebe Rexha was even nominated for a Grammy as "The best new artist", and her hit "Meant to be" also had a Grammy nomination.

Are you fond of Bebe Rexha's oeuvre? We may help you to become closer to your hero. Use chords and lyrics which you'll find on our website and try to play and sing the greatest hits to feel the same she feels on the stage. Free your imagination, express yourself and do whatever you want!

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