Amy Winehouse chords and lyrics

Amy Winehouse chords

How many singers, who got Grammy, do you know? Honestly speaking, they are not so many, but some lucky ones had several awards of this kind. Amy Winehouse was one of them.

Amy Winehouse was born in a quite musical family. Her parents both loved jazz, and her grandma had close relations with the legendary jazz man Ronny Scott. When she was only ten, she founded her own rap-band, and when she was fourteen, she started to write her own songs.

Amy's debut album was released in 2003, and the critics really enjoyed it - it became platinum and had various nominations. It was really outstanding for the debut plate, but the second one, called "Back to Black", became even more successful. It was a bestseller, and the first track of the plate, called "Rehab", was concerned the best contemporary song.

In 2007 Amy got married, an after a while the public learned about her bad problems with drugs. She started some rehab programs, but they were useless. Though it didn't make influence on her oeuvre - in 2008 she was six time nominated for Grammy, and she got five out of six.

In 2011 Amy Winehouse was found dead in her own flat in London - she was only 27. After her death, though, one more plate was released, and it also was quite popular.

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