Amy Macdonald guitar chords and lyrics

Amy Macdonald chords

Outstanding Scottish star Amy MacDonald was born on August 25, 1987. Since childhood, the future star was interested in creative direction, attended festivals and concerts, which brought up her musical spirit. At the age of 12, the girl mastered the guitar, after which she began to create her own lyrics. The first of them was the work "Wall". The groups "The libertines" and "Travis" had a strong influence on the singer's work.

How did the career of singer Amy MacDonald begin? In 2006, the production company organized a competition for young talents. Undoubtedly, the demo disc of the young star took the first positions and the highest ratings. The head of the company, Pete Wilkenson, emphasized the unique talent of the girl, inviting her to cooperate. Already in 2007, Amy, thanks to Pete, signed a contract to work with the then famous label "Vertigo".

The career of a young and talented singer was growing. In 2007, the girl had her debut album with the main single named "This is the Life", which had a huge circulation - more than three million. Thanks to the debut, the singer gained worldwide popularity and fame.

Amy began the second stage in her musical activity in 2009, worked hard solo album. After going through difficult and lengthy work, the new record "A curious thing" appeared on March 8, 2010. After a few minutes, the tracks became the most listened to in several foreign countries at once.

The 3rd publication of the album, named "Life in a beautiful light", appeared in June 2012. The album did not become a real sensation in the creative industry. However, each track deserves the title of an international hit!

In 2015, Amy MacDonald labored the 4-th album "Under stars", which was appeared in 2017. The fifth music album was being developed in 2020, and on August 27 of the same year, the singer published the album's main single, titled "The Hudson".

Undoubtedly, musical hits by Amy MacDonald can be heard everywhere at the present time. They have an unusual performance that attracts listeners. On our website you can find guitar chords to perform your favorite song by music legend Amy MacDonald!

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