Aerosmith chords and lyrics

Aerosmith chords

Are you keen on hard rock? If the answer is "Yes", you must have heard about Aerosmith. They can be called one of important representatives of this style in American music. One of the group participants and the vocalist was Steven Tyler (the father of Liv Tyler, who became a well-known actress and played Arwen in "The Lord oh the Rings").

1970th were quite successful for the collective (in 1973 they have made the first album). Unfortunately, the end of the 1970th and the start of the 1980th weren't so pleasant — Perry and Whitford decided not to be the part of the group anymore. It seemed to be the end for the whole musical group, but their manager Tim Collins gathered them all together again. The result was fantastic — Aerosmith continued to perform until 2016. Only that year they gave the farewell concert and told about the cessation of the tours.

Today all the participants of the group live on their own, but their regalia remind us about their legend. They are the first in America in the quantity of golden, platinum and multiplatinum albums. Aerosmith have 4 Grammies, and in 2001 they were included into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Today they are considered as one of 100 the most important bands in the world.

Aerosmith were the significant group not only for hard rock. They played blues rock, glam rock, rock and roll and glam metal as well. People liked the way them mixed different styles trying to make something new and complicated. To add to this Steven Tyler had the unusual voice, and he knew how to use it to draw attention.

A huge quantity of people are trying to copy Aerosmith’s style, playing the guitar and singing their lyrics. If you’d like to feel like a superstar, you may find both the texts and the chords on our website.

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