Years & Years guitar chords and lyrics

Years & Years chords

To reach a high position in the field of music nowadays is extremely hard. On the one hand, today there are more possibilities to get known. On the other hand, almost everybody is able to use these opportunities and start doing something ordinary, dull and plain, thinking it’s something unique.

But even if you got popular with your band, the time may come when you understand there is no way to continue working together and start doing things alone. This is exactly what happened to Years and Years. It’s a solo project of the British singer Olly Alexander.

In the beginning there were five people, when in 2010 Mickey Goldworthy moved to Britain and met Emre Turkmen. They even released the single in 2012, and a year later the band signed a contract with the French label «Kitsune». Until 2015 Years and Years used to provide just singles, but they were quite successful! For example, the fourth single took the first place in iTunes UK Singles Electronic Chart. And the «King» was on the top line of the Official UK Chart. 2015 was the marking year for Years and Years – they won BBC Sound of 2015 and were nominated for Brit Award.

As for Years and Years’ music, it sounds like electropop with R&B and House traits. This is the consequence of Radiohead, Diplo, Flying Lotus and Jai Paul’s influence.

Do you want to be closer to the band and understand their music better? Maybe you don’t get everything they want to say, so it’ll be better to look through their lyrics and the chords. You may find everything you need here!

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