Van Halen guitar chords and lyrics

Van Halen chords

1960th and 1970th were the great times for developing music in the whole world. One of the bands, which contributed very much in it, was Van Halen.

This group was founded by two brothers in 1972 — Alexander and Eddie. And it wasn't surprising, because their parents had the education in music. As a result, today Eddie is a well-known guitarist, and Eddie is a perfect rock drummer.

In 1973 David Lee Roth joined the band, and a year later there appeared Michael Anthony. The first demo, though it was produced by the musician of the band called Kiss, was a complete failure. But Van Halen was noticed by Warner Bros, and that was the important stage of their career.

The first album released by Van Halen was successful. There were several reasons for it — the unique Roth's vocal skills and Eddie's extraordinary ability to play the guitar. The album became brilliant, the second and the third were the platinum ones.

The success has been with Van Halen until 1996, and since this time they started to finish being the musical band slowly. In 2020 Eddie Van Halen died from cancer, and it has become the end for the collective.

Though Van Halen were existing like a band until 2020, the world mostly remembers their early achievements — many of their songs you may still hear on the radio or in the TV shows.

Would you like to try to play their hits yourself? On our website you can find all the necessary things for it — the chords and lyrics. Use it to develop your own skills in performing music. Who knows — maybe, that'll be only start point of your own career?

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