Twenty One Pilots guitar chords and lyrics

Twenty One Pilots chords

Usually the musical band needs to sign a contract with some recording studio to release their plates. But sometimes it happens differently. The case of Twenty One Pilots was like that – they produced even two albums on their own.

Twenty One Pilots is a duet from Ohio, that is quite young within timeline – they formed a band in 2009. The participants of the band are Tyler Joseph and Joshua William Dun. They were good friends in the college.

If you don't know the origin of making a title of the band, you may be interested in it – the boys have read about the story, when a person supplied some defective parts for the aircraft, and it resulted in 21 deaths. Tyler and Joshua were so shocked and impressed at the same time, that even called their first album like that.

During their career Twenty One Pilots have worked with Fall Out Boy, and it made them even more popular. In 2017 they even got Grammy as the best pop duet. That's peculiar that they appeared on the stage to get it in the underwear, because they had agreed to do it in case they win. But there was one even more valuable award in their career – Twenty One Pilots' album called Blurryface became the first full-length plate in the history, all the tracks of which had golden certification.

The last time we saw Twenty One Pilots' oeuvre was 2021, and who knows what they are preparing for us? And while you are waiting for some news, you may play their music yourself – here you can find both chords and lyrics for that. Try to play and sing something on your own and feel like a superstar.

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