Thirty Seconds to Mars guitar chords and lyrics

Thirty Seconds to Mars chords

Thirty Seconds to Mars – do you know this band? Of course, you know, but are you aware why their title is like this? Many people don't understand how Jared Leto and his colleagues are connected to Mars, but the riddle is simple – this title was taken from the Harvard professor's article about the technics progress. Here he said that at that time there was no way to get through the distance between Mars and Earth quicker than for 3 minutes, but was sure that one day it'll be possible.

The uniqueness of Thirty Seconds to Mars is in their honesty to the public. Unlike the others, they didn't have security to defend them from fans. Vice versa – they tried to be closer to the public. To add to this, maybe you know Jared Leto is also a Hollywood actor. In spite of using this advantage, he didn't do it and refused to perform, if the organizers used his personal name for promoting the concerts.

Thirty Seconds to Mars is the band who is careful about external forces and how their oeuvre may be perceived. For example, when the terrorist attack happened in 2001, they changed the cover of the new plate and even some songs.

Thirty Seconds to Mars got some awards – MTV Europe Music Awards among them and hit the Guinness World Records for the longest tour supporting the last plate.

The band's songs are emotional and a bit wild, and that's why it's pleasant to perform them, imitating Thirty Seconds to Mars. By the way, the chords and lyrics are here – on our website! It's a great base for a beginner in singing or playing the guitar.

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