The White Stripes chords and lyrics

The White Stripes chords

The White Stripes is an American band founded in 1997 in city of Detroit, which has always had just two members: Jack White and Meg White. The pair first became known as the initiators of the revival of garage rock, but then expanded their genre range to phenomenal diversity - from "garage" to blues, from rock and roll to punk, from indie rock to alternative rock, which allowed group to become a legend of their genre. In short: a blues rock band.

The songs of the world famous band "The White Sprites" have won the hearts of many fans of rock and blues. Their most popular compositions were "We're Going to Be Friends", "Dead Leaves & the Dirty Ground", "The Hardest Button to Button" and of course "Seven Nation Army".

You will be surprised, but their 3rd album titled "White Blood Cells" was written in less than a week, namely in 4 days! This album almost immediately hit all the world charts and was on heavy rotation. This album is also famous for the fact that it was released in six different covers, and on all of them Jack and Mag are sitting on the amplifier.

"Elephant" (2003) is rightfully considered the best album by The White Sprites. This is the fourth full-length album of the group, which brought its unprecedented popularity and many new fans.

Jack and Meg White have created a huge number of albums, wrote many songs. Many people are still listening to their compositions on phones and other devices, sing their lyrics. And a real pleasure for a true fan of the band is to play the chords of your favorite album, be it "Elephant" or "White Blood Cells"!

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