The Rolling Stones guitar chords and lyrics

The Rolling Stones chords

The Rolling Stones was formed on July 12, 1962, of course, like most of these young rock and roll bands, initially they were guided by the work of The Beatles. But very soon the popularity of The Rolling Stones became so great that they successfully competed with the four from Liverpool.

Rebellious songs, live chords and, of course, lyrics, lyrics that penetrate the soul and make you look at the world around you in a new way. The Rolling Stones is a whole era that does not end today. The lead singer of the group — the world-famous musician and performer Mick Jagger is still one of the main symbols of rock of the past millennium, the group itself has been repeatedly awarded various musical awards and prizes. The circulation of all albums released in the world distribution amounted to more than 250 million copies, The Rolling Stones gained not only great popularity, their songs became immortal.

The lyrics and chords of this legendary group are imbued with endless energy, rebellion and of course everything that connects real rock with its fans. For more than 40 years, The Rolling Stones delighted their fans with hits, each generation found in their songs something inherent in their decade. The movement in the trend, the endless talent of authors and performers — all this was greeted with joy in the 60s, continued in the 70s and by the early 80s The Rolling Stones became a symbol of freedom and the essence of rock as it is.

Almost all of the band's songs are great for playing on guitar. Be patient and start learning chords and songs right now so that you can surprise your friends with songs from The Rolling Stones' repertoire.

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