The Rasmus chords and lyrics

The Rasmus chords

How many Finnish musical bands do you know? And which of them are so popular that everyone knows their names? We all get used to listen to mostly American singers, and that's why somebody from another country is particularly interesting. For example, remember about The Rasmus – we all were fond of them in the 2000s. The collective was unusual not only because of its origin, but also thanks for its music.

The Rasmus was founded in 1994 in Helsinki, and in 1995 they have already released their first album – it was called simply "1st". It had only 4 songs, was 1000 copies were sold, and that was a good start. After The Rasmus started to work with the label "Warner Music Finland", the released the next album, which became golden in Finland. The Rasmus was carrying on and in 1997 they were awarded EMMA (that's Finnish equivalent of Grammy).

In 2000 The Rasmus appeared at the international stage – they started to work in Sweden. Of course, there were some changes in style – it was transformed into pop-rock from fank-rock. Honestly saying, it looked like they started everything from the blank list. And it had a great success – the album "Dead Letters" of 2003 got 8 golden and 6 platinum awards.

The Rasmus became so successful! Their track "I'm a mess" was performed in Eurovision 2012 and became a headline song of Athletics European Championship in 2012. Today they continue their artistic way working on new plates not only for Finland, but for the whole world!

The Rasmus' songs are a great example of combination of skillful singing and masterful playing the guitar. Some of you even would like to try playing and singing, and our website will be helpful – we have all the necessary chords and lyrics for you to train your skills. Use them and improve yourself!

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