The Killers chords and lyrics

The Killers chords

The golden times of music we can call the 1980s, because this decade was the period when different styles of music were developed. Here we had lots of legendary musical bands, and sometimes it seems that those times are finished. Yes, nowadays we have not so many groups deserving our attention, but about 15-20 years ago we could be happy listening to new albums of The Killers.

The Killers started their activity in 2001, when their leader Brandon Flowers cooperated with David Brent Keuning. Though it was usually all the rage to work together with the friends, the same couldn't be said about The Killers. Brandon applied to the local newspaper to publish the announcement where he wanted to find the guitar player for his potential band. Finally, David responded. Soon The Killers released their first album in 2004. It had a great success and took the first place in Britain and Ireland. And it was fairly interesting, because the demos of some tracks were on tape during their performing in the bathroom. Of course, it was due to the special acoustics of the room. But “Hot Fuss” (the first album of the band) was not the only triumph – the next four records were at the same place.

But The Killers weren’t just popular and that’s it. No, they appeared in the Top 40 UK Albums. And here it has been for 179 weeks! Though the record wasn’t broken, it has been a great result.

People liked The Killers’ music and their lyrics. The reason was that the band was used to singing about common issues, so their songs were quite close to their fans. To add to this the chords were pretty peculiar and once having heard it couldn’t be forgotten.

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