The Doors guitar chords and lyrics

The Doors chords

There were many extraordinary musical bands in 1960th, and we can even call this time a turning point in the development of music and culture. People got used to the current styles and wanted to do something new. One of the bands thinking the same were the Doors.

They appeared in 1965 and broke up in 1973, but more than 32 million copies of their albums only in the USA were sold for these years and later.

The Doors were a foursome, and the members of the team were Jim Morrison, Raymond Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore. Jim and Ray studied together, and John and Robby were invited by Ray.

The outstanding thing about the Doors was their instrumental part. They didn't use bass-guitar, but liked Rhodes piano and electric organ. To add to this, the audience enjoyed the unusual Jim’s outfit and the sound — it was mysterious and bizarre.

As it often happens, the end of the band was unpleasant. Jim Morrison was used to taking drugs during the happy years of the Doors, but later he addicted to alcohol as well. He either didn't want to work with the others or was just drunk. In 1971 Jim died, and it was almost the end for the band. They released two more albums, but they weren't so successful.

In 1993 the Doors were put in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fate. And in the Rolling Stone (that's the American famous magazine, which is the trustworthy publishing not only about music, but also about the whole culture) the band appears on the 41st line. Nowadays the Doors' oeuvre still remains popular, and you may find the chords and lyrics for their songs here.

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