The Cure chords and lyrics

The Cure chords

Gothic music is always something special. It's something majestic, solemn and stylish at the same time. But do you know, who is the founder of gothic music? Some may think, that it was originated from national chants and folk motives. Maybe, but there should have been somebody who would transform them into more regular pieces of music.

The Cure is a collective, which is considered to have really important impact on the foundation of Gothic Rock. The group appeared in the late 1970s, and in the beginning of career it had quite nihilistic, tragic and gloomy chants. It was very depressive. That's why the decision to change the style of music and shows was taken.

The members of the band changed many times, and the only one who was there always was Robert Smith. He's a frontman, a singer, a guitarist and even a songwriter.

In 1982 they changed the style of performing. The Cure got closer to pop-genre, their lyrics and melodies were lighter. And by the end of the 1980s it had its effect - The Cure's popularity was rising. Though they were from the UK themselves, they got well-known in the USA also. And in the beginning of the 1990s the band took the first place in popularity among all the alternative rock groups.

Today The Cure are still not forgotten. They have a lot of devoted fans, who don't only visit their concerts regularly, but practice in playing chords and singing lyrics. If you'd like to do the same, here you'll find everything you need. Use it not only for improving your skills, but also for having fun!

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