The Cranberries chords and lyrics

The Cranberries chords

Every rock admirer would agree that The Cranberries is one of the brightest Irish bands. It is famous for its unusual music style, strong vocals of Dolores O’Riordan and serious lyrics.

The beginning of their history takes place in a third-largest Irish city Limerick in 1989. The first name of the newly-formed band was “The Cranberry Saw Us”. Its creator – a lead-guitarist Noel Hogan was inspired by a very popular band The Cure. Then he decided to create his own rock-band. His brother Mike became a bass-guitarist. Brothers needed a drummer, that’s why they invited their friend Fergal Lawler.

At first vocals were male. A vocalist Niall Quinn sang and played rhythm-guitar. But a year later he decided to leave. Dolores O’Riordan came to a rehearsal and other members were amazed with her strong voice. This team existed till the end of The Cranberries.

Music of this band is a mix of different genres. Their compositions include elements of Celtic rock, alternative rock, Irish folk and other styles. In their music there are hard guitar riffs as well as beautiful melodies and clean chords. In their lyrics The Cranberries brought up a lot of serious subjects such as war, love or addictions. The most famous song is “Zombie”. It tells about two boys who have died during a bombing organized by The Irish Republican Army.

The band has released 8 studio albums. Over the years their style became harder: from folk to post-punk. The last album “In the End” was released after Dolores O’Riordan’s death in 2018.

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