The Band guitar chords and lyrics

The Band chords

How can we define a really good musical group? The first criteria, of course, is its popularity. But sometimes it happens, that the performers don't have so mush fans, but the critics say, that it's something outstanding. The Band was just like this.

The Band didn't have a huge fans community, but the musicians respected them, and that's why in 1994 they were included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To add to this, in 2008 they won Grammy for the life achievement.

But the beginning was not so pleasant. They started to sing in 1959, but officially the group was founded in 1967. Though they accompanied legendary Bob Dylan in his first world tour, and that was a great event these days.

By the way, do you know, what is a bootleg? That's a sort of audiotapes, spreading without the right holder's permission, and it was The Band, who first did it. After Bob Dylan's concerts they worked together for some time, and these very tapes were the bootleg.

In their musical career The Band worked also with Janis Joplin, Neil Young and The Greatful Dead, and Eric Clapton was so impressed by their oeuvre, that decided to leave his current band and start a new career.

From the 1970s a fall began. There were some controversial points in the collective, so in 1976 they claimed the break-up. The Band gathered again in 1983 and played some concerts, wrote new plates, but there wasn't anything special. Still the earlier oeuvre of the group draws attention even now. Want to look at it closer? Here you may find its lyrics and the guitar chords.