The Animals guitar chords and lyrics

The Animals chords

1960s in music were the period of rising the bands of the new wave. They were courageous, impertinent and bright among all the others. If you look at this period along the way of developing music culture, you’ll see it’s a turning point.

In 1960s the musical group called The Animals appeared. The majority of bands were producing Rock ‘n’ Roll back then, but The Animals didn’t want to be similar to them. They decided to play Blues and Rhythm and Blues – it referred to the place where the participants of the musical group lived.

How did they acquire their name? The vocalist (Eric Burdon) was famous for his style of singing – he was used to shrieking out the words of the songs – it was quite eccentric for reserved Englishmen and caused the media to call them that way. The musicians considered it amusing and didn’t have anything to hold over.

The popularity of the Animals continued to rise. They worked with Chuck Berry, and in 1964 they released the track called “The House of the Rising Sun”. It’s been performed earlier also, but The Animals made it popular in that style of singing which we know today. In 1966 the musical band broke up though two years later they tried to work together again. It didn’t bring any success, because the released album “The Origin Animals” didn’t get many fans. The Animals have attempted to gather again for two times more, but after some time it didn’t have any result. In 2021 the founder of The Animals, Hilton Valentine, passed.

All in all, we still remember their legendary hits and sometimes even hear it on the radio and in our playlists. Some of us need lyrics to sing together with the favorite vocalist, and some people play chords in their free time. There’s no difference in your aims – you can find whatever you need at our website.