The 1975 guitar chords and lyrics

The 1975 chords

In the 2000s it was popular to gather in garages or on local stages to play some rock music. It was what The 1975 began with in 2004. At the start the band used to play covers of popular tracks, and they even had some concerts. But one day it occurred that they composed a real song.

Before releasing the first plate called "The 1975" the group composed four EP albums. EP is a small plate, usually consisting of 2-4 tracks.

A normal full-sized plate was made up in 2013, and that was a great start. In the UK the band's debut took the first line of the UK Albums Chart. This year The 1975 went international touring and played in the festivals. In 2016 the second album was born. That wasn't unnoticed also – the magazine "NME" called it the best disc in 2016. It had Top-50 plates, and The 1975's album was in the first line.

But why did people love the new band so much? That’s because of their unique music – it’s at the same time etheric and electro-pop, and the vocals are smooth and compulsive all together. The big attention also draws the texts – they are just about everything and arise such important topics as loneliness, love, growing up, drugs, indifference, hope, death and fear. So you see – there is everything in The 1975’s oeuvre.

This controversial music and lyrics is the reason why the songs touched many fans to the heart – everybody could find something special and personal. The 1975’s songs are pleasant to play and sing yourself – for that we have everything you need. The chords and lyrics are here – just take them and use them in your own aims.

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