Sia guitar chords and lyrics

Sia chords

It's a common case when in the family of people, fond of music, a child is born, who will also be a musical star one day. The same happened to Michael Jackson, for example.

In 1975 in the family of Phil Colson and Loan Furler was born Sia. In childhood she played in the local band, but in 1997 she moved to Britain to start her solo career. Sia released the first album this year, but the critics didn't notice it.

The second plate of the year 2000 was much more successful - it appeared on the tenth line in British Chart.

Sia is famous for many cooperations with other stars, but also for her conflicts with labels. Though her plates were quite successful, she had some conflicts with Sony Music and others.

She is a creative person, and creative people usually express themselves not in the only field. For example, there are many films with her starring. Somewhere she played herself, and in the others - just ordinary people. In June 2010 Sia got internationally popular. Her songs were used in films, video games and the advertisements of lux class.

Sia is a complete vegan, and she tries to persuade other people, that eating meat and animal products is not civil nowadays, when we have so much different food to choose. She also supports campaigns about sterilizing pets. She and her dog Panther even were filmed in the advertisement ensuring people to do it.

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