Roxette chords and lyrics

Roxette chords

"Listen to your heart, when he's calling for you..." – did you sing these words or just read? Many people can't keep from singing it aloud or just on the inside, because some time this track was do popular that almost everybody knew about it.

We are used to the fact that most of the musical bands are from the USA or at least Great Britain. But Roxette, the words of whose song we mentioned, are from Sweden, though it didn't prevent them from singing in English (those times most of the collectives did this).

It's unusual but Roxette consisted only of two people! Per Gessle was writing the texts and music, played the guitar and harmonica and even sang himself. Marie Fredriksson was responsible for vocal and the piano. The band was founded in 1986, and the highest point of their popularity peaked in the middle of the 1990s. They were nominated for Grammy ten times and got two awards.

By the time of foundation Roxette both Per and Marie were quite successful in the sphere of music – Per was a popular songwriter, and Marie has already made a career as the singer in Sweden. The first collaborated track (Neverending Love) had a great success in Sweden, but Per and Marie desired something international. The exit to the international stage was unusual – an exchange student brought one of the plates to Minnesota and asked the local radio to listen to it. That's how the whole America knew about Roxette.

Roxette's songs still can be heard on the radio and TV, and if you didn't have enough time to study their chords and lyrics, it's the high time!

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