Robbie Williams chords and lyrics

Robbie Williams chords

Do you enjoy Frank Sinatra's manner of singing, but would like to try something more contemporary? If you think it's impossible, you are mistaken. Yes, every singer is unique, but there is one who's considered to be "Frank Sinatra of the XXI century". His name is Robbie Williams.

In his 16 Robbie became the participant of the musical band called Take That. Today we all remember them as a popular band, but those times they were just some boys who wanted to play their music. Two years later, in 1992, the first Take That's plate appeared, and it had a great success. The same was with the second album – it occurred to be the bestselling plate in England. That was the turning point – Take That suddenly became really popular, but the effect of it was controversial.

Robbie Williams started taking drugs, and that was the reason why his relations with the collective got worse. To add to this, Robbie desired to perform rap and hip-hop, but that wasn't in Take That's style. Do in 1996 he left the band and started his own career.

At first Robbie's own oeuvre wasn't really hopeful, and the label, which used to work with him, suffered about his future. But then "Angels" emerged and became the real hit. So did some other singles and albums.

Robbie's music gained recognition, but not the videos. In one of them, for example, he was doing sex with two girls, being absolutely dressed up. In another one he was getting undressed and then taking off his own skin and muscles.

Robbie Williams is one of the most-awarded performer, as he has 18 BRIT Awards and is listed in Guinness World Records. He's the bestselling singer of the XXI century in Europe and the third – in the world. Are you interested in lyrics and chords of Robbie Williams' songs? Then study them to understand the inner world of his tracks more precisely.

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